On Tuesday March 5th, we are going to make an important decision as neighbors as to who is going to represent our North District (Wards 4 & 7) on the Burlington City Council. It is critical that we diligently take the time to search, listen, and ask questions in order to make an informed decision. Your vote, your ballot, your choice.

Allow me to express some thoughts as to why I am supporting Kienan Christianson as our next North District City Councilor. Kienan is an independent thinker who is genuinely authentic and courageous. He did not make a political calculation, waiting to hear who was going to step up to challenge the established candidate, but rather, he knew he was ready regardless of who the opponent might be. Let me be clear, with all the negativity in our nation right now, we need courageous, visionary and authentic leaders who understand the complexity of all the current issues facing our beloved city. Active leaders like Kienan can and will walk the talk to narrow the divide and bring us closer together as a community.

Among the candidates seeking this seat, Kienan is the only candidate who has taken the time to come to a late night city council meeting to express his thoughts on the City Hall Park issue back when the council initiated the final phases to move the issue forward. He’s also the only candidate who has knocked on over 1400 doors–he means what he says that he wants to hear from his neighbors, even if that means trudging through an ice storm or blizzard.

Kienan’s professional dedication as a young lawyer representing vulnerable women experiencing domestic and sexual violence speaks well to his hunger for equity and justice, not to mention the considerable amount of time and energy he takes to participate at demonstrations, marches and vigils throughout the city & state. Kienan is someone who doesn’t just make nice speeches, he shows up for his neighbors and his community.

Diversity of thoughts and ideas will make our city as great as it can be. The perspective of people with lived experiences matters when it comes to crafting policies that affect all members of this community. Kienan will be the only city councilor who personally understands the struggles, hopes, dreams, and aspirations of our citizens and neighbors in the queer community.

In the nearly three months since he entered the race, I have been fortunate to spend time with Kienan going door to door, connecting with neighbors along with many New North End active leaders, and that experience gave us the chance to learn more about his leadership style. The skills needed for the future include active listening and “learning agility” (ability to learn new things quickly). Many leaders of the New North End have shared the same sentiments and confidence that Kienan will bring a common sense approach to City Hall; he will speak and advocate for the neighborhood; and he will bring initiatives via policy resolutions while making sure our concerns are being attended to.

Kienan’s campaign platform is clear & simple: A vibrant and safe neighborhood, affordable housing, keeping the taxes steady by growing our city’s tax base, combat climate change, ensureing our voices are being heard and our democratic process is healthy and protected, bringing most needed services in the neighborhood for our seniors and working families, and finally, supporting our schools to support the next generations.

Thank you to all those that have already voted for Kienan Christianson–his independence and commitment to uplifting all voices will be an asset on City Council.

Voting is on Tuesday, March 5th:

  • Ward 7 residents vote at the Miller Center
  • Ward 4 residents at St Mark’s Parish, both from 7 am to 7 pm.

You still can vote early at City Hall:

  • Saturday, March 2nd from 9 am to 12 pm &
  • Monday, March 3rd from 8 am to 4:40 pm!

Please don’t forget to vote!


Ali Dieng