To you and to everyone that wrote in support of my candidacy–your support means the world to me and I am so grateful and humbled.

The Burlington Democratic Officers decided to endorse another candidate over me. But, it doesn’t change anything. For the past three weeks, I’ve been door-to-door meeting neighbors and finding out what issues are most important to them. Even in subzero temperatures and howling blizzards, neighbors have opened their doors to me and invited me to hear what is most important to them.

And this is what I’m hearing: we need to do more to address busing accessibility in the New North End, particularly for our seniors; North Avenue needs to be made safer; and neighbors have consistently told me that housing affordability is a top concern.

This campaign has always been about putting people first. The New North End is an incredible neighborhood because we have a community that cares about each other and wants to make sure every neighbor thrives.

Together, we will move forward and together, we will win on March 5.

I invite you to share my campaign with your friends and neighbors. If you have an issue that’s important to you, let me know. I believe that when the community is working together, that’s where real change happens.



Kienan Christianson, Burlington Vermont