Kienan Christianson announced today that, in light of Councilor Dave Hartnett’s decision not to seek re-election, he will be pursuing an endorsement from the Democratic Party for his run to represent Wards 4 & 7 in Burlington’s City Council. 

“Councilman Hartnett has served the New North End for years and we are grateful for his hard work and dedication to our community, particularly his work on banning smoking in city parks and his work on the Parks, Arts, and Culture Committee,” says Christianson.  

Asked why he is seeking the Democratic endorsement, Christianson said “I’m interested in uniting folks in the New North End and I’m excited to be working together with Democrats and Progressives  to build a truly people-centered City Council.” 

Christianson said that the recent elections of Ali Dieng and Bob Hooper shows that the New North End is changing.  

“People are excited about our campaign and the ideas we’re bringing forward,” says Christianson.  “I’m hearing from neighbors that they’re one or two paychecks from losing their homes, that getting to Hannaford’s is a trek and is unsafe, and that more can be done to include the community in the decisions being made in City Hall.”  

Christianson said this is a people-first campaign and that means listening. 

“I’m humbled that my neighbors are inviting me into their homes to hear the issues that are most important to them,” says Christianson.  “And, I’m excited by the number of neighbors joining our campaign so that every neighbor in the New North End can thrive.” 

Christianson is an attorney and community activist, and his campaign has centered on ensuring safety on North Avenue, promoting municipal solutions to climate change, and working with communities to address the housing affordability issue in Burlington.