Our campaign continues to pick up momentum because our message of community and people first resonates with neighbors across the New North End.  This week, we knocked on another 200 doors, spoke to over 150 neighbors, and continued putting in the hard work that has been the hallmark of our campaign.  

Housing affordability continued to be a top concern from the neighbors we spoke to.  Rising property taxes and rising rents have placed too many of neighbors on precarious ground–we spoke to at least 7 neighbors who told us that if the City does not get a handle on rising property taxes and rent, they’ll be forced to leave Burlington.  We can and should be doing more to help folks stay in their homes.  Paying down the projects we’ve already taken on in addition to reallocating city spending to focus more on our communities are two ways we plan to tackle this crisis. 

We also heard from a number of neighbors that it feels as though City Hall is more invested in downtown rather than building up the New North End.  We trekked through snow berms, ice-laden sidewalks, and un-plowed roads to reach our neighbors.  City Hall should be doing more for the New North End.  Whether it’s fixing potholes, adjusting street slopes or simply plowing, neighbors in the New North End would like to see more investment in our infrastructure so that whether you’re walking to the bus stop, or coming home from work, you have quality, safe roads to get you where you’re headed. 

Finally, our campaign held a number of events to help continue to build the great community we have in the New North End.  We held house parties, met individually with neighbors, and hosted an event at Simple Roots.  Our community is hungry for connection, and our campaign has laid the groundwork for continued community building that we can carry on passed March 5. 

If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch the debate, we encourage you to watch.  You can do so HERE.  March 5 is right around the corner, so whether you’re voting early or headed to the polls, we hope we have your support.  Together, we can ensure a win on March 5. 


Kienan Christianson, Burlington Vermont