I love the New North End.  I love that our neighbors are opening their doors and willing to chat with me about the issues affecting our neighborhood and city.  I love that so many people are excited about our message of re-orienting city politics back to building community and working together. 

This week, I experienced first hand what makes the New North End so unique–its people!  Again, I am humbled and grateful for the thoughts folks have been sharing with me.  I understand that for too long, our neighbors have felt like their voices are not being heard in City Hall.  Well, I’m listening and I’m working hard so that each of our voices will be heard.  

Whether it’s taking a look at Arms Forest to make it safer for families to hike with their kids, or looking into how we can bring more affordable senior living to the New North End, I’m hearing many great ideas for how we can continue to make the New North End the best place to grow-up, start a family, and eventually retire.  

Together, we can find solutions to climate change.  As many of our neighbors told me, banning plastic bags is a good start, but we can do more–like banning single use plastics all together.  In addition, I heard from people that more community-oriented spaces should be developed in the New North End.  A branch of the public library or community pool seemed to be of high interest.  I also spoke to several of our small business owners who would like to continue to see growth in visitors from not only our neighborhood, but from around the city. 

Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas with me, even though it was cold and snowy.  I’d like to hear from you as well.  If there’s something about city government that we can improve, let me know!  I truly believe that when we put people and community first, every New Northender can thrive.  I look forward to many more great conversations at the door.  Onward–together! 

Kienan Christianson, Burlington Vermont