Wow! What a great kick-off to the campaign!  Just one week ago I was meeting with several New Northenders who were hungry for a fresh, new voice in city government.  Since then we’ve knocked on 50 doors, got our first donations, set-up and launched the campaign website, and heard from many neighbors about the issues that are important to them.

Here’s some of the takeaways from our first week.  Folks agree that North Avenue needs to be made safer.  While many other busy streets in Burlington have lighted crosswalks, North Avenue is unique in its noticeable absence of them. City government can and should do more to ensure that it’s easier–and safer–to cross North Avenue whether you’re on your way to Leddy Park or headed to Simple Roots for a beer and trivia.  

We’ve also heard from neighbors that they hungry are for transparency when it comes to development in the city.  While most folks agree that development is an important component to making Burlington more affordable, more community input should be solicited so that the development that is going in matches the character and aesthetic of the neighborhood.  

Finally, the first week has been a fantastic learning opportunity.  Our campaign believes that government works best when it listens and responds to the needs of community members.  I’m heartened that so many neighbors are willing to share their insights into how to make Burlington the best city in Vermont and beyond.  It’s the people that make Burlington special, and it’s the people that know what their needs are.  I look forward to hearing more from my neighbors about their needs so that when I’m elected City Councilor, I can ensure city government works for them.  

Thank you for following the campaign.  I encourage you to join the burgeoning numbers of New Northenders excited about our campaign by donating your time, money or expertise. Together, we can ensure that every neighbor in the New North End thrives!