Last week was an incredible week for the campaign.  We knocked on hundreds of neighbors’ doors and met with folks all over the New North End.  Even a blizzard and subzero temperatures didn’t stop us! 

This week has provided new insight into the important issues facing our community.  Neighbors told me that the City should do more to protect essential services so that our most vulnerable neighbors are not left behind as the federal government pulls back.  Neighbors also spoke about doing our part to address climate change, particularly increasing busing accessibility to the outer most streets in the New North End as a means to decreasing our overall fossil fuel emissions.  In addition, folks spoke about making the New North End a destination by continuing to maintain and upgrade our many beautiful parks in addition to supporting our local businesses like La Boca and Simple Roots. 

I’m incredibly humbled and grateful to the neighbors that invited us inside during the particularly cold–and snowy–days.  These conversations remind me that at the end of the day, we’re all neighbors working together to make the New North End and Burlington the best place to live, work, and retire.  That’s why I have and will always put people first.  Because together, we can ensure every New Northender thrives!