Well this was certainly a cold week for the campaign!  First, I want to say thank you to everyone who door knocked with me despite the single digit temperatures: Ali Dieng, Monica Ivanovic, Emma Mulvaney Stanek, Andrew Sullivan, and Harley Johnson.  Thank you all for being willing to bundle up and brave the cold. 

This weekend, I went door-to-door to many neighbors on North Avenue, and folks near C.P. Smith. I heard from many neighbors that housing affordability is a top priority.  We can, and should, be exploring innovative ways to bring smart development and redevelopment to the New North End that adds more affordable units, while ensuring that folks who want to stay in their homes are able to do so.  I think more community input into the these projects is a must–too many folks feel like their voices are not being heard in City Hall as to where development projects take place and the type of projects being built.  

I’ve also heard that safety is a top concern.  Many neighbors spoke about increased lighting along the streets so that the sidewalks are better lit at night.  Almost everyone agreed that more lighted crosswalks are needed across the avenue.  I also heard an interesting idea of putting the wiring underground–something that would allow us to plant more trees along the avenue while helping to protect the electrical infrastructure.  I’m curious about other neighbors’ thoughts on this idea. 

Finally, many New North Enders agreed that we need to do our part in addressing climate change.  One senior told me she has to walk over a mile to the bus stop, frequently in freezing temperatures.  I think we should look into a small shuttle service that loops in the New North End so that seniors looking to get to Hannaford’s or downtown don’t have to walk a mile to do so.  This would help reduce our carbon footprint and decrease the overall traffic on North Avenue. 

I want to thank everyone for their support of my campaign.  We’re continuing to grow, with two new additions to the campaign team!  If you’re interested in helping my campaign, but don’t have time to take on a serious role, we are always in need of volunteers.  And donations are always appreciated.  We have a fundraising goal of $1000 this week, which will go a long way towards getting us lawn signs.  Whatever you can give, no matter how small, will help us reach that goal as we are completely people powered–no corporate donations are accepted.  

Feel free to reach out to me at kienan@kienan2019.com or 802-560-8854 if you have other ideas or thoughts on how to ensure every New Northender thrives. Stay warm!