I am so thrilled and humbled to receive Rights and Democracy’s endorsement. 

My campaign has been and will always be about putting people and community first.  That’s why one of the cornerstones of my campaign is working together to find solutions to address the housing affordability crisis in Burlington.  Rights and Democracy’s focus on building a local economy that provides a livable wage and brings online truly affordable housing is something I wholeheartedly agree is necessary to ensuring every New Northender thrives. 

For too long, our focus has been on what divides us–RAD’s commitment to participatory government and just development centers on what brings us all together.  By listening to our communities and increasing public participation in the types of development we undergo, we can ensure that not only are we bringing new housing online, but that the housing is affordable and accessible across the income bracket.  

I look forward to hearing from and seeing more of my neighbors in the coming weeks.  Our people-powered campaign continues to grow because we put people and communities first.  I invite you to join our grassroots effort to ensure every New Northender thrives.  Because, together we win, and together we thrive. 


Kienan Christianson, Burlington Vermont